Have you been considering or actively trying to start your own MLM Company? 

Are you a MLM Company Owner looking for a great place to meet, network, and make deals with other industry professionals?

You DON'T want to miss this!

The Original Two-Day Seminar for Startup and Existing MLM Companies

Las Vegas, Nevada - Oct 26-27, 2017

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Starting & Running The Successful MLM Company

*MLM Companies ONLY, Vendors & Consultants will NOT be granted entrance

FREE MLM Startup Manual

"This should be used to tell a story and include any testimonials you might have about your product or service."

Each attendee receives a FREE copy of the Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company manual. Some chapters include:

Full Name

~ Legal Issues

~ MLM Law in 50 States

~ FDA Health Claims: The Final Rules

~ The Snail that got Mugged: FTC v. Direct Selling

~ Start-up Issues

~ Incorporating the Network Marketer

~ Five Dynamics that Drive a MLM Company

~ Product


~ Creating Your Next Million Dollar Product

~ Treasure Hunting for New Products

~ Compensation Plans

~ Compensation Plan Conversion: Direct Sales to MLM

~ Your Compensation Plan's Competitve Edge

~ Communications and Media

~ Focus on the Mission... Not the Commission!

~ When the Media Calls... Who Answers the Phone?

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Event Information

Have you been considering or actively trying to start your own Direct Selling, Network Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing Company? Are you an MLM Company owner that's looking for a great place to meet, network and make deals with other Network Marketing industry professionals?

Then you're NOT going to want to miss the next MLM Startup Conference!

The information you will gain and relationships that you will build by attending the conference are invaluable. You’ll receive information on how to:

~ Structure your compensation plan

~ Legalize your company

~ Recruit key employees and top-ranking distributors

~ Develop a business model

~ Generate leads

~ Fund your business organization

~ Establish your website and technology platforms

~ Better understand the direct selling industry

~ And, so much more

Read why network marketing executives have consistently attended the MLM Startup Conference for over twenty years:

~ I was surprised at how helpful the conference ended up being. I was able to meet experts across the industry all in one place, get my questions answered, and make lots of new contacts. For our situation, attending the conference has been much more economical than hiring all of these experts all at once. If we could afford to, we would!

~ Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn and the privilege to meet such talented, generous people. We definitely came away with practical ideas to implement and bigger dreams for the future. We look forward to staying in touch with [Jeff Babener] as our needs for your expertise grow.

~ We want to get the fundamentals and the basics down… get a good review of what needs to be done to be successful…

~ We have a traditional business at the moment and we are looking to take it into the realm where it’s more personalized, it’s more about building people and an experience. It has been absolutely worth our trip. We are looking to take our business to the next level and build relationships.

~ [I’ve] been in network marking for 30 years [but] we are learning a lot of things about how to launch, how to reach the people we need to have, and again, the things that are required to make a successful company, not only for us but especially for our customers and for our affiliates.

~ I want to teach other people how to run their own clothing business and have fun doing it. I have a distribution plan. I have a unique product that I need to take nationwide in a couple of months.

~ I’m here because I want to know more about multi-level and I can replicate that experience in my country (Columbia)… It’s worth it to be here.

~ The reason I came to the show was to learn more about how to launch my direct sales company. I’m very comfortable and accustomed to selling through more traditional networks; however, I believe that the product that I’m launching is more suitable for direct sales; to get direct-to-consumer faster and in greater sales.

~ I have a huge to-do list… Now that I understand what to do and in what order, I won’t spin my wheels. The conference really helped me understand what steps I need to take and what is most important, what needs to be done first…

Where will the conference be held?

The MLM Startup Conference will be held in Las Vegas. Call 800-231-2162 for the exact location. Why don’t we advertise the exact location? Since our conference is educational, we don’t allow vendors, distributors and other solicitors to attend the event. This enables us to maintain the conference’s high standards. Therefore, only registered guests are given the address after they’ve registered. However, if for some reason you cannot attend after registering, we will refund 100 percent of your attendance cost.

When does the conference take place?

February, May and October – Las Vegas, Nevada. The current dates can be found at the top of this page.